17 May 2022

This is a shout out for Dawn DeFord- The best realtor we know in Arizona. Recently my mother decided to sell her home in northwest Phoenix and move to Portland, Oregon. After asking around we received a glowing recommendation from a family friend to call Dawn. Dawn and I met and after a 20-minute conversation the decision was made. Based on this interview it was clear that Dawn was professional, an expert in her field, and had numerous successes selling homes at or above current market prices. We had many roadblocks selling an older home and every obstacle we encountered, Dawn had at least 5 professionals that were willing to give us free estimates. Selling a home can be stressful however our experience with Dawn was smooth and the home sold in less than 2 weeks at asking price.

I can go on and on about Dawn’s commitment to selling a house, for example: the professional pictures she had her team take of the home, her involvement every step of the process to ensure that were informed of offers, a website that let us see when the showing appointments were scheduled, and her overall demeanor and availability. I am sure many professionals have positive testimonials acclaiming a person’s profession talents and successes. So here you have another one that is written honestly and is heartfelt. We can never thank Dawn enough for selling my mother’s home and her involvement in the process. We highly recommend Dawn and if you do use her, you will be as grateful as we are.


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